1. Scope

    1. These Terms of Service serve as base for all offers, deliveries and services, and apply to all transactions made at a later date. Other terms and conditions apply only if they are in accordance to PevenFactory Terms of Service, or if their use as base for a particular contract or service is explicitly stated in writing.
    2. These Terms of Service govern the use of websites and all contents, services and applications provided by Peven Factory - Independent Studio("PevenFactory", "We"), and the reader("Reader") We publish contents on PevenFactory website; a Reader is any one person that reads the contents on PevenFactory.

    3. We reserves the right to make amendments to its Terms of Service from time to time. If the amendments affect the key provisions for the use of this website, the Reader will be deemed to consent these amendments before further using the services provided. Minor revisions shall become effective immediately upon posting. The version in force is the one that is currently on the portal www.peven-factory.com. By using their login details (log in), users approve the latest version of our Terms of Use.

  2. Content

    1. All content (text, graphics, images, layouts, etc) published on this site are subject to copyright.
    2. We may change, limit, extend, or discontinue any aspects of the site or services at any time
  3. Copyright

    1. The website contents provided by PevenFactory remain the sole intellectual property of PevenFactory.
    2. This relates in particular to the design, interfaces, graphics, videos, information, computer codes, used trademarks and names.
  4. General Conditions of Use

    1. The Reader shall use the services according to applicable law and especially to these Terms of Service; he/she shall respect third party rights and particularly the Privacy Policy as well as the Copyright Policy.
    2. We may remove published contents at any time
  5. Cookies

    1. PevenFactory does not collect personal data through the use of cookies. We use cookies to provide you with a better service.
  6. Copyright

    1. All information on this website is provided by PevenFactory without guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or topicality
    2. The Reader shall respect the copyright of the lawful copyright holder.
    3. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
    4. Any copy of a document or parts of a document shall embody these copyright provisions.
  7. Prohibited Activity

    1. The Reader agrees to use the services provided by PevenFactory as well as pamphlets and catalogues published on its websites according these Terms of Service and to refrain from activities including, but not limited to:
      1. Use of PevenFactory products for purposes other than stated in these Terms of Service;
      2. Removal markings of copyright or other rights;
      3. the misuse of PevenFactory’s services in any other manner;
      4. Changing, hiding, or blocking any published Content, especially the removal or manipulation of advertisements and links;
      5. Sale, licensing, offering subscription to or any other commercial use of published Content.
  8. Newsletters

    1. PevenFactory generates email addresses for advertising purposes and other reasons agreed upon.
    2. Communication regarding the service: PevenFactory uses email as communication channel to communicate with Readers regarding the service (changes, replies to support requests, recommendations, new features etc.).
    3. All readers agreed to be notified or get newsletters.
  9. Conditions applicable to registered Publishers / Readers

    1. The Reader only has to register in order to vote for Content and get notifications. This resource is growing and soon it will contain more features services.

This document was last updated on August 08, 2019